GMGA Fines 2019/20

Brought to you by Rick & Trav James

Great Men,

As we all are aware the GMGA season would not be a GMGA season without the fines system. In past years the fines system has been a crucial part of the GMGA to raise some pocket money for the end of season get away and to have a little bit of fun along the way. This year you can count on all your old favourite fines to be still included with a couple of add-ons. In 2019/20 we are adding a few more fines onto the list in order to make everything run a little easier on game day. Some new fines will be emphasised around scoring and scorecards being correct. So before handing them in after your round we would encourage you all to be vigilant in double checking score cards. Scorecards will also have to be signed by both marker and player after the round before handing them in. Please take note that if one of the scorecards is incorrect both marker and player will be fined.

Also this year the GMGA will also be cracking down on tardiness or non arrival to your designated tee time. We understand that we all do have other lives other than golf... well some of us do so a reasonable excuse will be accepted. A sore tum tum will not be acceptable excuse this year. Excuses may need to go to the committee board for acceptance.

All fines this year will be paid in cold hard cash either on the day or the next round that you play so please bring your hard earned each round to weigh if you are unlucky enough to be fined.

On a final note please enjoy each round but please don’t be afraid to dob in your mates for a fine because remember the more fines the more fun.

This year's fines:

4 putt on greens: $10 excluding over 32 handicappers

4 shot from bunker: $10 (new) excluding over 32 handicappers

Late to tee time: $25

Ladies Tee: $10 excluding over 32 handicappers

INCORRECT Scorecard and an unsigned scorecard: $60 combined (new)

NO SHOW: $30 (new)

Scoring under 27 points for the day: $10